IMG_5528.jpgi’m steven craig smith, a creative director + graphic designer in dallas, texas.

my strengths are identity/branding, book & periodical design and event marketing. i have a working knowledge of html, wordpress, copywriting, motion graphics and digital photography. a little more about me: i’m a fanatic for Biblical theology, melodic jazz fusion, animation, marvel/dc comics, sci-fi/action/kung fu movies, Dallas Cowboys, and meteorology.

this blogfolio not only showcases my work and explain the thoughts behind a few projects, it also gives non-designers a sense of what goes into the creative process, including a few do’s and don’ts of graphic design (hi-fives and chest bumps to all my fellow designers). it’s not just a matter of “mouse-click – copy/paste – save – print” and walla! a logo or brochure just magically and creatively appears. all creativity starts with the right side of the brain – at least with those gifted as such. software cannot design. a designer can.

design should be creative.